Vibration isolation systems

We're glad to present the new product line: vibration isolation equipment of our partners, Ostec Instruments.
Active vibration isolation platforms of AVOS AR series are based on the voice coil feedback. This progressive technology avoids several problems, such as non-linear response and hard construction, peculiar to piezo- based devices. It allows intelligent integration of a vibration control platform depending on building and environmental properties. The same time specially developed construction provides active isolation in all six degrees of freedom.  
Based on multiple independent isolators, active vibration isolation systems of AVOS MD series have possibility to support load capacities of massive machines heavy tool systems. Total available load reachs 4000 kg depending on configuration.
Lightweight and compact passive vibration absorption systems of AVOS ST series allow to take in vibration level generating by pumps, compressors, etc.


The most advanced active vibration isolation system on the basis of voice coil technology.


The most advanced active vibration isolation systems for heavy instruments.


The most advanced vibration absorption system.
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