Noncontact/Semicontact probes

AFM probes for Noncontact/Semicontact Modes with wide range of resonant frequencies and force constants.
Can be supplied with Au or Al reflective coating, without tips, bare, with conductive or magnetic coating.


AFM кантилеверы для работы в прерывисто-контактном режиме серии NSG01, резонансная частота 87-230 кГц, постоянная жесткости 1,45-15,1 Н/м.


AFM Probes for noncontact/semicontact modes NSG10 series, resonant frequency 140-390kHz, force constant 3.1-37.6 N/m.


AFM Probes for noncontact/semicontact modes NSG30 series, resonant frequency 240-440kHz, force constant 22-100N/m


AFM probes for noncontact/semicontact modes NSG03 series, resonant frequency 47-150kHz, force constant 0,35-6,1N/m.
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