AFM-TERS related products

For many years ScanSens GmbH works together with experienced engineers in AFM + Raman field. In 2010 our collaboration have resulted in manufacturing the first commercially available reliable TERS-activated AFM cantilevers, based on TOP Visual probes' model.

Since that moment we have constantly worked over improvement of TERS cantilevers' characteristics. Our probes allow to get 100x and higher Raman signal enhancement measuring organic molecules. They were successfuly supplied in many laboratories all over the world, bringing us lots of positive references and sometimes even good ideas for future developements.

Knowing that TERS is a tricky experimental method, which conditions may vary from one sample to another one, we also supply test sample for TERS, organic molecules on an Au substrate. Such sample can be used for practical studies of TERS metodology as it was proven to show good Raman signal enhancement with our TERS cantilevers and in correct equipment's and environment's conditions. 
For the similar goal (and for the customers of NT-MDT SI microscopes) we have started recently providing a new special service: TERS demonstration. It includes one day of visit of AFM-Raman engineer with several TERS cantilevers, which work he shows using the standard organic molecules' sample.

TERS AFM probes

TERS activated AFM cantilevers with enhancement factor up to 500 and more.


Test sample for TERS measurements (organic molecules on Au substrate).


Demonstration and training of getting tip enhanced Raman scattering using our TERS AFM cantilevers on a standard test sample.
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