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About us
Our company is the manufacturer of MEMS-devices, specializing in scientific instruments for the atomic force microscopy (AFM). Our goal is not only to offer our partners a full-production-cycle, to study, develop and make tools, according to their needs, but to ensure their long-term satisfaction by untiringly advancing the already acquired technological level, thus constantly improving the price-value trade-off.
Since 1999 we had supplied well known AFM producer, NT-MDT, on the base of exclusive OEM agreement with the whole spectrum of polysilicon-cantilevers and calibration gratings. This exclusive contract has been expired and ScanSens starts direct supply to the market looking for direct distributors and partners.
Due to on-going developments in the area of nanotechnology our accessories range is constantly growing and expanding which allows us to meet our customers needs by offering unique solutions.
ScanSens is committed to provide fast, flexible, reliable customer service and delivery.
1991 - an idea to manufacture silicon "nano-knives" arose in the context of a scientific work over non-contact coagulation of blood.
1999 - The company "Microinstrument" was established, first "nano-knives" were produced. Microinstrument signed the OEM agreement with NT-MDT for developement polysilicon cantilevers and calibration gratings for AFM market.
2000 - Sales of silicon "nano-knives" in Russia, Bulgaria, India and Turkey via dealers (MNTK company) started. First AFM calibration gratings were supplied to NT-MDT.
2004 - Manufacture was reshaped for NT-MDT needs basically: for constant production of AFM cantilevers and test samples.
2006 - Specialised test grating for tip's shape visualisation, TGT1, was developed.
2008 - Polysilicon cantilevers and calibration gratings for almost all possible AFM application were presented on the market. 
2009 - Polysilicon tips' curvature radius less than 10 nm was acheived.
2010 - Unique tip-side coating for TERS Raman measurements of high sensitivity was developed.
2011 - Conductive W2C coating of extra hardness and stability in high currents was developed.
2012 - AFM cantilevers for extra high resolution in MFM mode (with CoFe coating) were developed.
2013 - The manufacture company in Germany, ScanSens GmbH, was established. Multi-probes AFM cantilevers of cartridge type were developed.
2014 - Project of "nano-knives" was restarted on the basis of new technological "know how" acheived with recent developements of AFM cantilevers and calibration gratings.
2016 - Project of developement of special knives for surgery of eye's retina was started.
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