Contact Probes

AFM probes for CONTACT modes. Can be supplied with Au or Al reflective coating, without tips, bare, with conductive coating.


NEW PRODUCT! Probes for CONTACT/SEMICONTACT modes CSG30 series, resonant frequency 26-76kHz, force constant 0,6-2 N/m.
Specially designed for the applications when it's not clearly defined which mode should be used for sample investigation or when it's necessary to provide measurements in both modes of the same sample area without tip remove.


Probes for contact mode CSG01 series, resonant frequency 4-17 kHz, force constant 0,07-0,4 N/m.


Probes for contact mode CSG10 series, resonant frequency 8-39kHz, force constant 0,01-0,5N/m.
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