Knowing that TERS is a tricky experimental method, which conditions may vary from one sample to another, we present the special test sample for TERS.

TERS_S is made of organic molecules on an Au substrate. This sample was specially prepared in collaboration between ScanSens techologist and AFM-Raman engineers. Engineers from NT-MDT SI have approved that combining our AFM TERS cantilevers and the sample TERS_S the one can with high probability** get Raman enhancement working in appropriate experimental conditions. For many years they use similar test structure for TERS demonstrations in different labs.

Such sample can be used for practical studies of TERS metodology and preparing for further experiments on samples targeted.  

** Tip Enhancement Raman Scattering with usage of TERS_S sample could be guaranteed obtained in the next conditions:
 - On the system Ntegra Spectra made by NT-MDT SI in TERS configuration with Hybrid controller;
 - Under illumination by 633 nm laser;
 - Using "fresh" (less than 1 months ago supplied) TERS-active cantilevers produced by ScanSens GmbH;
 - Experiment should be carried out by AFM-Raman engineer approved by ScanSens GmbH.
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