AFM cantilevers with conductive coating TiN


We’re glad to announce that AFM probes with titanium nitride (TiN) coating have appeared in our assortment.
High hardness of this material and its melting temperature around 3500 C provides its utility in wide range of applications.
Our practice of AFM measurements shows that thin films of TiN spread over AFM cantilever’s tip’s end are stable in high currents and any standard force loads that arise in the contact AFM technique. First cantilevers with conductive TiN coating were prepared and investigated in 1998 as the result of the common project of our partners, NT-MDT and State Research Institute for Problems in Physics (V. Shevyakov, S. Lemeshko, V. Roschin. Conductive SPM probes of base Ti or W refractory compounds. Nanotechnology, 9 (1998) 352-355).
Now TiN coated AFM cantilevers are presented in our stock by models: NSG01/TiN and FMG01/TiN. If you need AFM probes with other resonance and stiffness parameters, please, don’t hesitate to write to (Evgeniy Lisov). In future we’re going to extend TiN assortment over all models of Golden series.


ScanSens presents conductive probes with the modified coating W2C+


Due to volume doping with anticorrosion elements the new coating W2C+, which was earlier proven to be stable under high currents and pressures, may also work for a long time in high humidity atmosphere.

Several experiments were carried out to check the result. Two sets of probes coated by W2C and W2C+ layers correspondingly were placed into atmosphere of more than 90% humidity for several days. Performance capabilities of the probes were tested by current-voltage curves and scans on HOPG. Before being held in humid air all cantilevers worked correctly showing good conductivity. But already after 8 days old-type coating have lost their conductive properties. The same time probes W2C+ didn’t stop conducting even after 16 days of storage in 90% and more humidity.

We’re also delighted to announce that since June 2016 we will sell only new W2C+ probes from our web-site. The same time, cost of this model stays the same.
More of all, we will be glad if our customers try these probes’ possibilities on practice. When the one orders any model of conductive probes from our web-site this summer we will add to the order a test box of 3 cantilevers HA_C/W2C or HA_NC/W2C at choice.


New model of Etalon probes for both contact and amplitude modultation modes


We are pleased to introduce HA_CNC, a new model in our range of AFM probes.

HA_ CNC cantilever probes are designed in such a way as to maintain a balance between the quality factor and a stiffness constant. Each chip has two cantilevers with resonant frequencies 46 and 66 kHz, which are suitable for use in intermittent-contact mode.

New Etalon AFM probes for magnetic measurements


NT-MDT is pleased to announce a new range of polysilicon ETALON AFM probes with CoFe coating for high-resolution magnetic force microscopy. These probes combine the advantages of ETALON series and excellent characteristics of the new CoFe coating.

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